Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The North Face Nuvali Thrill of the Trail Run

The good thing about not expecting too much sometimes is that you are taken in for a surprise big time. This is exactly what happened when I decided to play it rough on Valentine's Day and join The North Face's Thrill of the Trail Run in Nuvali, Laguna. I entered the 11K Couples Run event. Of course, my partner was my one and only significant other. We belittled this event by thinking it will just be a couple of kilometers running on trail while completing the rest of the distance on paved roads. We were wrong, but wronged in a very good way.

Running on the pavement was only about 10% while the rest of the 11K distance was already a good combo of rivers, rocks, mud, rough uphills and downhills. Complete heaven! Crossing rivers was the most enjoyable. Good thing I only wore my old and beat up running shoes. It retired for good after this trail run. But that's okay. It might be time to invest on a pair of decent trail running shoes. Merrell Adventure Run is not far behind!

Nuvali was definitely the perfect venue for Thrill of the Trail Run. Its scenic beauty was really a sight to see. Too bad I did not bring a camera during the trail run. The rock formation was really awesome.

This is the most unique Valentine's Day celebration ever! I had so much fun. :)


  1. buti kp Rors naka-join... ako hndi, wla kc ako maka-holding hands sa pag-cross sa finish line :D

  2. pwede naman sana sa individual category! :D