Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back at One

It's been very hectic for the longest time now that running had to take a back seat for a while, and I mean a long while. We wanted to make time for it but it was really difficult squeezing it on our schedule. We have work in the day and night time was usually dedicated to running. For the past few weeks however, our after work hours were spent doing things for the wedding and the apartment. Though we registered for the Rexona Run, we had to say bye-bye to the P600 registration fee we paid for it because we were not able to join. Aside from the fact that we were not able to practice prior to the run, we were also working late the night before the event transferring stuff from the old to the new apartment.

The result: I gained 5 lbs. Huwaaaaat????

This is definitely a bad time to gain weight! I have 5 months left to run like there's no tomorrow and fit perfectly in that pristine white gown!

Last night, I put my foot down. Literally. At the UP oval. And started to run again. It became more like jogging because I could not get my groove back. I was having side stitches when I tried to increase my speed. I finished two rounds in 32 minutes. It was a dismal time but my aching body was my boss. I was having a hard time with my breathing all throughout and my legs felt stiff.

I am definitely out of shape. Back at one. But I'm setting my eyes on another 21k run at the Adidas KOTR this October. Cross fingers!