Thursday, February 25, 2010

Badminton vs Running

Both badminton and running are excellent cardiovascular exercises, but how do each differ from the other? Which is better?

Badminton and running are two different sports yet they complement one another. Running helps build endurance that could greatly improve your badminton game. When long rallies ensue in badminton, a player’s stamina will keep him on the go to run after shots.

I played again last night after about a four month hiatus in badminton. Two games past and I already felt my knees shaking. I noticed my hands shaking too while trying to drink water. I was cajoled that I should still be up for another game since I’m used to long distance running.

This is a common mistake. Badminton and running are different in the following ways:

1. Badminton is a quick-paced sport. If you’re playing competitive badminton, you will have to make quick movements to run after the shuttlecock to play a point. This involves lunging to retrieve shots from the net, stepping back quickly to get a lob, and sprint to move from corner to corner.

Long distance running is more relaxed. You can finish 10km or farther without rest by pacing yourself while still sweating profusely. You can vary your speed. You slow down to recover and catch your breath. You speed up to build momentum again.

2. Badminton and running work with different muscle groups. Badminton involves a lot of lateral movements and pretty much work up your legs, arms and back. In running, you basically just use your legs and there are no side movements, although you also need to work on your core to improve your endurance.

I am experiencing muscle pains now because although I am running regularly, when I played badminton again last night, I used a different muscle group to execute smashes, lobs and net retrievals.

So which is a better sport? Like I said, one complements the other. Many badminton players include sprint running as part of their cross-training. It is actually good to try a variety of sports rather than just sticking to one. So if you can do both, why not?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Century Tuna Superbods Run Results and Comments

Chip Time: 01:00:37

More than 11,000 runners flocked The Fort yesterday to participate in the much publicized Century Tuna Superbods Run! And I was one of them. Kudos to Coach Rio for another unparalleled running event here in the Philippines. Overall, I enjoyed my 10K race yesterday despite a few setbacks. My major complaint is the heavy downpour of participants which made it really difficult to run my own pacing from start to finish. In my past experiences, I could pull away from the flock halfway through the distance I'm running, but this time, runners were elbow-on-elbow literally from start to finish. A few times I caught myself saying "excuse me" to a couple of runners in front so I could pass through.

There is just so much that can be accommodated given a certain venue. If the roads were as big as Commonwealth Ave where QCIM (Quezon City International Marathon) was held, then all these 11,000 runners could enjoy their own pacing without a problem. Now I'm having a difficult time deciding whether to join Globe Run for Home or not. Big events like these are usually crowded :(

Coach Rio officially apologized in his blog for the advanced gun start. Apologies accepted though this really affected my run somehow. I was not able to warm up properly and I'm feeling sore thighs right now. As for my knee, thank you for cooperating! It didn't complain up to the last 1 meter! :D

I failed to run a sub-60 this time but I'm happy with the result. I was off by 37 seconds but I still ranked 102nd out of 628 runners in the female 10k category (based on chip time). That's good enough.

But hey, Century Tuna Superbods Run is still one of the most organized running events I've seen. Really, Coach Rio is becoming such a pro in organizing events. I still remember joining one of his races back in 2008. It was filled with boo-boos that I emailed him a complaint, hehe. But now he learned from his mistakes and has gone so far. No wonder the runners rush to register for his events.

Results are out!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The North Face Nuvali Thrill of the Trail Run

The good thing about not expecting too much sometimes is that you are taken in for a surprise big time. This is exactly what happened when I decided to play it rough on Valentine's Day and join The North Face's Thrill of the Trail Run in Nuvali, Laguna. I entered the 11K Couples Run event. Of course, my partner was my one and only significant other. We belittled this event by thinking it will just be a couple of kilometers running on trail while completing the rest of the distance on paved roads. We were wrong, but wronged in a very good way.

Running on the pavement was only about 10% while the rest of the 11K distance was already a good combo of rivers, rocks, mud, rough uphills and downhills. Complete heaven! Crossing rivers was the most enjoyable. Good thing I only wore my old and beat up running shoes. It retired for good after this trail run. But that's okay. It might be time to invest on a pair of decent trail running shoes. Merrell Adventure Run is not far behind!

Nuvali was definitely the perfect venue for Thrill of the Trail Run. Its scenic beauty was really a sight to see. Too bad I did not bring a camera during the trail run. The rock formation was really awesome.

This is the most unique Valentine's Day celebration ever! I had so much fun. :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recovering Knees

Cheers to another 8.8K running feat last night at the UP Academic Oval! This time I did four rounds in 16:43, 31:30, 46:23 and 1:00:50. That’s a slower pace than last time but it pays to take it slowly but surely. My left knee is still braced when I run. It only hurts a little now when I try to increase my speed. But in general, my run last night was painless. I’m excited to join the 11K Nuvali Trail Run already!