Monday, May 31, 2010

Nature Valley Run 2010 Race and Results

Before I rave about this race, HERE is the result first.

As a last minute registrant who almost did not make it to this event, I am so happy to be a part of this race! I would have missed so much if I was not able to get in. Thanks to my fiance who turned a deaf ear whenever I would tell him I was not ready to run 21k. I guess he believed in me and thus went ahead to register us.

Nature Valley Run 2010 is the best race of the year so far! Coach Rio dela Cruz once again leveled up his event. He takes all criticisms constructively and makes sure he does something about it next time. I could not complain anymore of running elbow to elbow with fellow runners. Runners per category had different routes to take so that even if there were ten thousand participants, everyone had enough room to run their own pace.

And who would complain about lack of water stations now? There were enough water stations every 2 or 3km. The loooong tables of water and energy drinks were a very very brilliant idea! This solved the problem of long queues that took precious minutes out of a runner.

I rave about my wonderful experience as a first time 21k runner. I'm so glad I did it here in the Nature Valley Run. We were pampered. We were the only ones who got finishers shirts and medals. Girls from David Salon waited at the finish line to hang medals around our necks instead of just handing them out in a box. It added drama to the feat. The biggest perk I got was the 1 pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream! That was Haagen Dazs, not Selecta or Magnolia! And that was 1 pint of cold, heavenly sweetness after running for over 2 hours. 1 pint, mygosh! Hahaha, I'm overwhelmed!

I finished in 2 hours and 27 minutes. So sweet! The leg pains I'm feeling right now are so worth it!

Friday, May 28, 2010

21k Nature Valley Run

I'm joining the 21k run of Nature Valley this Sunday, May 30, 2010. It is like a whirlwind. Friends prodded me to join and they registered me for the event even as I was being very indecisive about it. That was two weeks ago. We caught up with the last day of registration. In fact, registration for 21k was already closed then and I thought that was a sign that I was not ready yet to run a half-marathon. But Nature Valley opened 200 slots anew for additional 21k runners and we got in. They deducted P100 from our registration fee because they had no more singlets to give us.

There's only two days left before the biggest day of my running life comes and I'm bracing myself for whatever is in store for me on Sunday. I crammed my training in two weeks by completing 15k distances for three times during this period. In between my 15k days, I would run 5k or 10k for recovery. I feel my leg muscles stiffening already. I learned to consume Gu energy gels and I was forced to buy a hydration belt for practice.

I still don't think I'm ready but I'm eager to complete my very first half-marathon. It will be so sweet!

I'll post again after Sunday to tell you all what happened. Anyways, bring it!