Thursday, February 25, 2010

Badminton vs Running

Both badminton and running are excellent cardiovascular exercises, but how do each differ from the other? Which is better?

Badminton and running are two different sports yet they complement one another. Running helps build endurance that could greatly improve your badminton game. When long rallies ensue in badminton, a player’s stamina will keep him on the go to run after shots.

I played again last night after about a four month hiatus in badminton. Two games past and I already felt my knees shaking. I noticed my hands shaking too while trying to drink water. I was cajoled that I should still be up for another game since I’m used to long distance running.

This is a common mistake. Badminton and running are different in the following ways:

1. Badminton is a quick-paced sport. If you’re playing competitive badminton, you will have to make quick movements to run after the shuttlecock to play a point. This involves lunging to retrieve shots from the net, stepping back quickly to get a lob, and sprint to move from corner to corner.

Long distance running is more relaxed. You can finish 10km or farther without rest by pacing yourself while still sweating profusely. You can vary your speed. You slow down to recover and catch your breath. You speed up to build momentum again.

2. Badminton and running work with different muscle groups. Badminton involves a lot of lateral movements and pretty much work up your legs, arms and back. In running, you basically just use your legs and there are no side movements, although you also need to work on your core to improve your endurance.

I am experiencing muscle pains now because although I am running regularly, when I played badminton again last night, I used a different muscle group to execute smashes, lobs and net retrievals.

So which is a better sport? Like I said, one complements the other. Many badminton players include sprint running as part of their cross-training. It is actually good to try a variety of sports rather than just sticking to one. So if you can do both, why not?


  1. hi Rors, sa office lang pala ako hndi makapag-comment here sa blog mo, dami kc restrictions sa office hehehe...

    Ako di na nakakapag-badminton ngayon, itinatabi ko na lang kasi lagi ung budget para sa mga runs, hehehe!

    heeii... wag mo naman ako idolohin sa pagtakbo. Napakalayo pa ng kelangn ko abutin bago maging ka-ido-idolize, and besides, idolatry yan, hahaha, kidding! But thanks for the compliment, lalo tuloy ako na-iinspire pagbutihin ung runs ko :)

    Thanks as always sa visits on my blog. Hope to run with you sooooonnnnnn!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this article that talks about badminton and running! Indeed these are 2 really good sports!:)

  3. ...
    That 2 sports makes my days complete...
    But I feel less enough without running while badminton really gives me more sweat...
    Kaso lang kailangan ko pa rin munang tumakbo ng at least 4 kms para maging kumpleto ang pakiramdam ko sa kulang na nakukuha sa badminton...

  4. I play badminton every Saturday and Sunday .
    I run 7k every Tuesday .
    it has been working great for me.