Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hi, and welcome to my blog! I started this site to share with you all my passion for running. I am no pro runner. The longest distance I’ve ran so far is 10Km. But soon, I’m setting my eyes on my first 21Km run as I gradually recover from a knee injury. And ultimately, a full marathon is not far behind. Thanks for dropping by and I hope to post more entries in the coming days. :)


  1. Hello Rors! Wonder what's your real name. Hmmm... lets see. Is it Aurora?

    Wow! You've been running since 1995? What was your age then? 5 yrs old?

    Great! You started running at 5, while I started at 50 hah hah . . .

    Hope to see you in future races.

  2. i started running at 18 :) it was more of leisure running when i began, unmindful of PRs. i was in college then. i would jog along the campus before getting ready for my 7:30am class :)

    hahaha! many people tend to think my real name is aurora but it's rory. :) so nice of you to drop by here. i so admire you, your cause, your spirit, your determination.