Sunday, January 17, 2010

First 8.8Km Run for Year 2010

I ran my first 8.8Km for this year. See, I’ve been taking it easy since I injured my knee last November 2009 when I joined 10Km at the New Balance Power Run. It was aggravated when I insisted on still finishing another 10Km in last December’s Philstar Celebrity Run. The Christmas season was a good time to rest my knee. I’ve been taking it easy, just running about 4Km twice a week.

Last night, I felt it was time to go the distance again as I felt my knee getting better a bit. I circled the UP Academic Oval for 4 times. That’s a total of 8.8Km. First round took me 17 minutes to complete as I was still feeling my knee. I increased my speed on the second round to finish it in 14 minutes. Third round took me 13 minutes to complete. The last round was the toughest as I felt pains on my knee already, but still pushed myself to finish it in 13 minutes also. That’s 57 minutes for my first 8.8Km run in year 2010!

Today, I feel slight burnings on my thighs but it’s all good. Here’s hoping I can finally join my first official race for this year either at the Condura Run or at the Nuvali Trail Run!

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