Monday, November 29, 2010

2nd McHappy Day Fun Run (Nov 28, 2010)

Thanks to Runningatom, I was able to run 10k at yesterday's 2nd McHappy Day Fun Run held at McKinley Hills in Taguig. It has been a long while since I last joined a 10k run and I was looking forward to beating my PR of 58:19. If not, another sub-60 finish would be good. It was a difficult goal since lately I have been training for endurance for a half-marathon in Corregidor in December and for my first marathon early net year. As such, working on my speed has been compromised. Well, little did I know that the 2nd McHappy Day Fun Run will be more challenging than usual that will make my goal more difficult to achieve.

The route had its ups and downs... literally! It made me slow down a couple of times during ascents and it definitely made me grow tired more easily. Halfway through the run, my thighs already felt burns from exhaustion. While trudging the uphills, I thought this was a taste of things to come in Corregidor. At the very least, I thought that I was able to practice for it if I could not do a sub-60.

I finished in 1:02:09 (unofficial) but I crossed the finish line feeling nothing but fulfilled. It was a tough route, far from the usual familiar roads I'm used to in UP.  This run made me realize that I still have a lot of practice to do to prepare for Corregidor.

Participants were treated to free breakfast afterwards so it was definitely a McHappy event! My fiance joined me too. :)

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  1. Congratulations Rors. Ang tagal mo ngang walang run, pansin ko dito sa blog mo, hehe! See you and your hubby on more races. :)