Wednesday, June 9, 2010

5K Recovery Run @ End Hunger: Walk the World Philippines 2010

My legs terribly ached after completing my very first 21k at the Nature Valley last week that even if I know I should do a recovery run, I didn't. And then here came my sister inviting me to join her run 5K at the End Hunger: Walk the World Philippines 2010 Run last June 6, 2010. I thought this was the perfect cool down running I was looking for, albeit a week too late after Nature Valley. It was fun though! It really did not feel like much of a recovery run because I aimed for a sub-30. On my watch, I timed 29:01 although I bet the official results will be off by a few seconds because I was not in front of the starting line.

This run brought back a lot of memories. It made me remember my very first Mizuno Rush to Infinity Run last 2008. Those were the days when the registration fees were not yet that steep. I remember only paying P150 back then. We were not given singlets but we had finisher's shirts. Back in those days, running 5K seemed like forever. It was torture to complete it without walking or stopping for a water break.

It has been a while and it's good to run 5k again. Maybe this is one reason also that I did not hesitate to join when my sister invited me. But I promised myself that I will not do a leisure run. Instead, I will aim to beat my PR. And I did, so it's all good. :)


  1. You did good on joining this event. Speaking of hunger, I felt hungry already :)

  2. You are fast Rors! I also participated in the said race. Too bad we failed to see each other.

    So how's the grandest race of your life doing?

  3. Heiii Rors, what happened on this blog? Where are you now? :)

  4. hi atom! i haven't been running, that's why. but i ran last night after a month of hiatus i think, and i'm about to blog about it soon. super busy! but thanks for dropping by. i'm still a regular lurker in your blog :)

  5. this is the 1st run i wished i had joined :(